It’s Time to Reclaim & Re-Energize Our Democracy

May 15, 2018 - Pipeline Protest

Green Party Candidate for Secretary of State, George Wolfe, "Walks the Line" in Opposition of Enbridge’s Tar Sands Pipeline and in Support of a Green Environmental and Political Revolution 

East Chicago, Indiana - In the city of East Chicago, there is an environmental disaster that is far worse that in Flint, Michigan. An entire housing development and a $35 million taxpayer-funded elementary school lay abandoned in a designated USS Lead Superfund site because of lead contamination in the soil and undrinkable water. This contamination is due to a BP oil refinery and a DuPont chemical plant in the area.

On Saturday, May 12th, the Indiana Green Party candidate for Secretary for State, George Wolfe, participated in the 10K “Walk the Line” march protesting the tar sands pipeline running through city neighborhoods. Participants walked the path of Enbridge’s Line 6 through Hammond and East Chicago passing schools, homes, and waterways.

George Wolfe walked with protesters demanding the tar sands pipeline be shut down. More neighborhoods could wind up contaminated and abandoned and more people displaced, a possibility that is sobering to anyone with a green environmental conscience. 

It’s time for the citizens of Indiana to focus on this type of environmental injustice and the need for a green energy revolution. It’s time to elect politicians who respect science and call for corporate responsibility. It’s time to vote Green so we can leave future generations a livable world.

The Indiana Green Party strives to live by the values of the Green movement. Everything the Party does is based on their four pillars: Democracy, Ecological Wisdom, Nonviolence, and Social Justice.