Indiana’s Next Secretary of State

My name is George Wolfe and I'm the Green Party candidate for Indiana Secretary of State in 2018. 

Why am I running?

Because politicians bankroll their campaigns with money from corporate donors and wealthy individuals who don’t have the same interests as we, the people, do. It is up to us to wrestle the power away from the wealthy 1%. Both political parties have become beholden to rich donors and engage in corrupt practices like gerrymandering and voter suppression. Furthermore, we must reform this broken system so no party can do what the Democratic National Committee did to Bernie Sanders.

Indiana ranks in the bottom third of the 50 states in voter turnout. In 2016, just 58% of voting-age Hoosiers cast ballots for President of the United States. That low of a percentage is totally unacceptable. We can do better. For the sake of our democracy, we must do better! And with your help, our grassroots effort can succeed.

Here's how.

As Indiana’s chief election official, I pledge to pursue a six-point plan to restore public faith and confidence in our Hoosier democracy. As your Secretary of State, I will:

  1. Dramatically increase voter participation among all age, gender, ethnic, religious and secular demographic groups across Indiana;
  2. Establish Election Day as a statewide holiday;
  3. Facilitate legal voter registration across all demographic groups and provide same-day registration;
  4. Expand early voting opportunities;
  5. Eliminate obstacles to voting; end voter suppression; and
  6. End gerrymandering by setting up a nonpartisan citizen’s redistricting commission.

This commission will redraw voting districts to make them fair and competitive for all candidates and political parties.


Only a Secretary of State from outside the two major political parties can fulfill these ambitious goals.

In addition to the above, I intend to launch a statewide program to revive public knowledge of the United States Constitution and engender a deeper appreciation for it, particularly for the First Amendment. It guarantees Hoosiers and all Americans freedom of religion, speech, press, petition and assembly. These freedoms form the foundation of grassroots activism and reform.

My experience as the former director of the Ball State University Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, author of two books and over 50 articles on activism, nonviolence, religion and science, qualifies me to take on the political establishment that has failed Indiana voters. I am honored to have been recruited by the Indiana Green Party to run for Secretary of State, and I ask our energized Green Party members across Indiana to support our efforts.

Our top priority must be getting signatures on petitions to place my name on the November 2018 ballot. Copies of the petition are now available on the Indiana Green Party website. Although approximately 27,000 signatures are required, we will need well in excess of 30,000 to insure success.

Let’s do this together. I look forward to meeting you all on the 2018 campaign trail!